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With over 80 years of experience, the Power Utilities Group is a well-established and experienced company and we bring these skills to each of our divisions.
Since 1934, we have acquired significant footing in a number of industries and expanded our client portfolio to include companies both large and small. The Gardner family has owned Power Utilities since 2001, bringing an ever important personal element to our business. We offer unparalleled expertise, making us well-equipped to help you with any enquiry you might have.


Countries of operation

Years of operation


Our extensive history is detailed in the Our Story section of our website, where
you can see all the elements that resulted in our company in its current form.


The Power Utilities Group consists of 5 divisions, click through to see what we offer in each and visit their websites for more details.


The original manufacturers of air pressure control equipment in the UK

An independent supplier and distributor of industrial filtration products

A leading supplier of nonwoven media for coolant and edible oil filtration

A precision manufacturing and repair facility for metal-made products

A diversified distributor of storage systems and automotive and industrial hand tools

LRQA Quality standard
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