Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence: A Journey Through Time with Power Utilities

90 years

Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence: A Journey Through Time with Power Utilities

As we enter the new year, we are thrilled to announce a momentous milestone in our journey – the 90th anniversary of Power Utilities. It’s with great pride and gratitude that we reflect on the nine decades of progress, innovation, and service that have defined our existence.

A Humble Beginning:

In 1934, Power Utilities Ltd was founded by Directors of International Combustions as a peripheral company producing stanchions for power stations.


A small group of visionaries embarked on a mission to laying the foundation for what would become Power Utilities. In 1953 Mr Gardner joins the company; young and ambitious, he was set from the beginning to make us as successful as we are that would transcend generations.


Pioneering the Power Utilities Landscape:

Over the years, Power Utilities has been at the forefront of technological advancements. Filterserve was taken on in 1964, specialising in filtrations products (we even made our own range of filters with a special pleating machine!).


In 1970, in the advent of the Clean Air Act in the UK this had caused a concern for urban air quality nationwide. This has led to Power Utilities Ltd acquiring Aercon which had developed products for draught balance stabilisers.


We have consistently adapted to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the environment.

1972 – We move into our new offices. Now that we were closer to our manufacturing and storage facilities, it really brought us all together.


2001 – Mr. Gardner is made Managing Director, making Power Utilities Group a family business the same year Toolmarque is formed. Look how happy we were!


2004 – We establish a French operation to help service and grow our European customer base for our filters division


2005 – Metal Technique is acquired added manufacturing capabilities to our filters division.

2008 – Control of the Power Utilities Group was passed to Mr. Gardner’s son, James, who has carried on the growth and development of the Group as Managing Director to the present day.


2012 – Cornwell makes Toolmarque the exclusive distributor of their tools in the UK


2016 – Having grown within the Filterserve division, International Nonwovens is established as a standalone division to supply specialised nonwoven media


2018 – We’ve rebranded all of our divisions to show the close familial ties we hold within the company. Now firmly under the Power Utilities Group umbrella, our divisions work together to deliver the best service and supply experience possible.


A Thank You to Our Customers:

Our journey would be incomplete without acknowledging the unwavering support of our customers and employees, you’ve all been an integral part of our story. As we celebrate 90 years, we express our deepest gratitude for your trust and loyalty.

Looking to the Future:

As we commemorate this significant milestone, we also set our sights on the future. The landscape is ever-changing, and Power Utilities is poised to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence, innovation, and service for the next 90 years and beyond.

Join Us in Celebrating:

To mark this special occasion, we invite you to join us in a year-long celebration of events, promotions, and community engagements. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on how you can be a part of the Power Utilities 90th-anniversary festivities.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Here’s to 90 years of powering possibilities, and to many more years of innovation, sustainability, and community service.

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