Power Utilities Group Staff Extend a Helping Hand: Donating Food and Essentials to Breaking Bread Food Bank in Wednesbury

In times of adversity, it’s heartwarming to witness communities coming together to support one another. This sentiment rang true recently in Walsall, where the staff of Power Utilities Group rallied together to make a significant difference. Their collective efforts culminated in a generous donation to the Breaking Bread Food Bank (based in Wednesbury), providing much-needed sustenance and essentials to those facing hardship in the local area.

Breaking Bread Food Bank, a vital resource for the community, has been tirelessly working to combat food insecurity and support vulnerable individuals and families in crisis. Their mission aligns perfectly with the ethos of Power Utilities Group, a company known not only for its excellence in service provision but also for its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The initiative began with a simple idea proposed by a few members of the Power Utilities Group team: to organise a food and essentials drive to support Breaking Bread Food Bank. What started as a small-scale endeavour quickly gained momentum as more staff members eagerly joined in, eager to contribute to a cause that resonated deeply with them.

Staff contributions from across all divisions at Power Utilities Group with an additional £200 from James Gardner, the business owner of Power Utilities Group.

With enthusiasm and determination, the staff mobilised, spreading the word internally and encouraging colleagues to participate. Donation boxes were set up in the company’s offices, adorned with posters and messages urging others to donate what they could spare. The response was overwhelming, with contributions pouring in from employees across all departments.
From canned goods and pasta to toiletries and household essentials, the donations were varied and plentiful. The generosity displayed by Power Utilities Group staff underscored not only their compassion but also their recognition of the importance of supporting their local community, particularly during challenging times.

As the donation drive drew to a close, the Power Utilities Group team gathered to deliver the collected items to Breaking Bread Food Bank. Their visit was met with gratitude and appreciation from the food bank’s volunteers, who expressed their heartfelt thanks for the contributions that would undoubtedly make a meaningful difference to those in need.

Unloading the donations from Mikey’s car
Ready for weigh-in
Transferring the donations into trolleys.
Power Utilities Group donations came up to 187kg!

The act of giving back is a powerful one, capable of fostering unity and strengthening bonds within a community. Through their collective efforts, the staff of Power Utilities Group exemplified the spirit of compassion and generosity, demonstrating that even small gestures can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

In a world often marked by division and discord, it’s stories like these that remind us of the inherent goodness and kindness that exists within humanity. As we reflect on the actions of the Power Utilities Group staff, let us be inspired to seek out opportunities to uplift and support those around us, knowing that together, we can create positive change and build a brighter future for all.

In the heart of Wednesbury, amidst the challenges of today’s world, a beacon of hope shines brightly, illuminating the path towards a more compassionate and caring society. And it all began with a simple act of kindness from a group of dedicated individuals determined to make a difference.

Mikey, Russ, Grace & the Voulenteers at Breaking Bread

If you know of anyone who is in crisis in the Wednesbury area, Breaking Bread is here to help

Breaking Bread:
93-94 Walsall Street. Wednesbury. WS10 9BY.
07936 744 177

Opening times:
Wednesday: 10 am – 3 pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 1 pm – 7 pm
Saturday – Tuesday: Closed

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